“Together We Can Make It Happen”

The purpose of the Greenville Textile Heritage Society, GTHS, includes promoting cooperation and exchange of information among individuals and institutions interested in the preservation of the history of textiles in Greenville; collecting artifacts, documents, photographs, memorabilia, machinery, equipment, and other materials related to the history of Greenville area textiles; preserving and teaching the history of Greenville area textiles to include history of mill founders, mill villages, education emphasis, and the nature of life on the old mill villages.

The goals of GTHS require the involvement of people who have a history of being involved in textiles either personally or by association with family members and friends. To accomplish the preservation of textile history for the generations to follow ours requires both our time and our money. Therefore, GTHS is encouraging all interested parties to partner together to form a strong organization that will accomplish the task of preserving the significant activities that form our history.

Dedicated To:


Dr. L.P. Hollis

This project is dedicated to the people in our lives, the teachers, the coaches, the scout leaders, the pastors and especially our family and friends who helped mold our lives and instill in us the importance of Christian character and values; and also to our children and grandchildren who have never experienced the times as we knew them back in the mid 1900’s when safety in the schools and streets were not an issue and when a man’s business dealings were consummated with a simple handshake.

To the one single individual who helped make many of our dreams become a reality, we pause and thank God for sending him our way. Dr. L.P. Hollis the great leader, the great visionary, the kind, compassionate and loving man that constantly walked the halls and streets of the Schools and Villages that he loved… we honor the memory and hold a special place in our hearts for truly a friend of the Mill Villages.