Textile Hall Memorabilia Donations Needed

The Greenville Textile Heritage Society is developing a Textile Hall permanent display and is seeking donation of any items related to the original Textile Hall on West Washington Street and the later Textile Expo Center on North Pleasantburg Drive, and The Southern Textile Expositions and American Textile Machinery Expos held in Greenville. Items needed include any memorabilia, photographs of exposition exhibits, programs from any textile-related as well as non-textile events held in the facilities. Photos can be copied and the originals returned to owners. Contact Ron Norris at 864 233-1747 or email camperdownmill@bellsouth.net.

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  1. Paulette Williams says:

    My grandfather, Jesse Boiter, of Piedmont, SC bought a bell when a mill close to Piedmont closed down sometime in the mid 1950’s. My father took the bell when my grandfather died in the 1960’s. The bell holder has engraved on it The O.S. Bell Co. Hillsboro, OH. I have possession of the bell now. I would like to know if you would like to have it as a donation. I wish I could tell you more about the bell other than the fact that it was part of a mill perhaps in Williamston or Greenwood. I am sending three pictures of the bell separately from this message. Thank you,
    Paulette Williams

    • dharkins says:

      We would love to have any thing to add to the History of the Textiles. Please contact Don Harkins email dhark1@charter.net or by phone (864) 201-5875 He will see that the item gets to the right place.

      Thank You
      Becky Bowen kingery

  2. Paulette Williams says:

    I have been in contact with Mr. Harkins by email. I’m having trouble finding a way I could donate the bell because of the distance. I wanted to know if someone could meet us halfway to pick up the bell. We are in Sanford, NC.
    Thank you,
    Paulette Williams

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