Help Us Identify

The Greenville Textile Heritage Society is frequently asked to assist in identifying photographs and other items pertaining to Upcountry Textile Mills and Villages. We need your help in accomplishing this.

If you can provide assistance, please email and include the identification number included with the item.


Number 0001 This photo was in a family scrapbook of a GTHS member. They are seeking the identification of the man driving the wagon.


Number 0002 This photo shows the Piedmont SC Post Office on the left. This photo has been IDed: The Beattie home which was later replaced by the Piedmont Community Center.


Number 0003


Number 0004


Number 0005


Number 0006 This is a photo from Brandon Mill. Need identification of men in photo. C P Dill has been IDed as the gentleman on front row, 7th from left; Tom Bennett on front row, 6th from left. Specifically trying to find if Wofford Fletcher Davis is in this photo.


Number 0007 Photo from Brandon Mill. C P Dill is the driver. Need Identification of other gentlemen in the car.


Number 0008 Brandon Photo. Mr. Dill and Mr. Bennett have been IDed. Need the identification of the other men.